Trailer of Wonder Park, the ambitious animation co-production

Wonder Park
The American cinema is in luck since it participates, in the form of a co-production, in “Wonder Park”, an ambitious animated film that will be released next year by Paramount Pictures. A feature film produced between the United States and Spain and directed by Dylan Brown who has the photography (that is, the animation) of Juan García González. Although it is still for its premiere, Wonder Park his distributor has shared his first trailer and, it must be said, is wonderful.

Above all highlights Wonder Parkthe quality of animation, with a very differentiating touch compared to that used in Disney or Píxar films. The argument is as follows: June, a young girl with a very creative mind, meets an incredible amusement park inhabited by talking animals. The story behind the park is very sad, because although she believes it was a magical abandoned park, the truth is that everything is in her imagination and she is the only one who can save him from the great threat that looms over him.

All a luck that the Spanish cinema participate in this way Wonder Park full movie in one of the most ambitious animation productions of which will be released next year around the world. And a great leap forward in our industry that opens the doors to more collaborations.

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